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Tuesday, February 9, 2021

YRCC Choristers support their church communities, cantoring

 Some of us have shared on Monday nights that we miss singing in church on Sundays too. Those of us who attend churches all miss singing with the congregation, and some of us are also members of church choirs that they miss. Others have taken on a new role as a church cantor! This is a fancy way of saying that they are singing solos that are meant to be sung along with. The congregation is not on site, in the church building, but is encouraged to sing along wherever they are.

Lauren shared a recording of her church’s service on Dec. 6th, where Lauren and her father each sang a solo. Her church is Port Carling United. She’s is often asked to offer a song there.

Cathy has shared this link https://rec.boltwave.com/scr/dir/jhnchrnmkt/v1.mp4  which is only available until Saturday, February 13th. Cathy sings at church regularly, twice a month, I believe. Here’s a link to her church’s website in case you’d like to join her at St. John Chrysostom Roman Catholic Church in Newmarket.

Blair also shared this link to St. Paul’s Anglican in Newmarket where he regularly sings. You can hear him on Sunday the 14th, I think, and on Ash Wednesday next week.

Some of us gather at choir for some of the same reasons people gather at church on Sundays and I’ve read somewhere that community choirs have taken the place of church in many people’s lives. We do talk about all the important things as we sing timeless words and melodies which express timeless themes. For some of us, though, there just can’t be enough singing and gathering with good people, so we do both (and some of us are members of several choirs, sacred and secular).

Consider singing along with your church musicians.

Keep singing, even if it’s in the car or shower only. 

But, please do also consider coming to our Monday night Zoom Choir. I love it. I love my choir!

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