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Saturday, April 24, 2021

19-Apr-2021 YRCC Zoom choir dreams of togetherness

 We spent a little time dreaming about the time when we can meet again. 

I want us to have a choir retreat, a weekend away together to sing and drink and laugh with abandon. We do that on Mondays now but it’s just not entirely satisfying. I want to hug you too, and not have to consider Zoom fatigue or families in other rooms wondering if we’re a little nutty. Blair promised to make brownies. 


I want big sing-alongs. I want singing to inspire clapping and dancing. I want this for our friends and families and our fans. They will be so happy to have survived this thing that singing will feel so good! We agreed that some of us would dance in the aisle singing Let The Sunshine and we’d clap and move and I’d invite the audience to join us. We should have more audience participation planned into every concert from now on.

I want to sing with seniors! They will be so happy to have survived that they will need to sing. I want us to get a portable screen to project the words on so that they don’t have to worry about holding those duotangs. And, maybe invite them to sing even during some of our big songs, like we did with O Holy Night. Hallelujah. You Raise Me Up. Wonderful World! Right?

I also got a good suggestion for a new opera piece. We only have the Chorus of the Hebrew Slaves and we had that small group sing the Evening Prayer. It’s time for some Mozart. We’re going to need something to work at to make us feel accomplished and brave. It will be easy after surviving this! (not like Tup-Tuppa-promise)

We laughed about wanting to have pyjama bottoms for our new concert uniform, especially after break. Because, we’re going to want to eat all the baking at the bake sale. 

Dreaming is fun. We’ll see how things really go. But, whatever being together again looks like, we will sing and we will be happy together, for sure, because even now we have found a way to sing and be happy together!

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