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Sunday, June 12, 2022

YRCC Performance and Social Time 7-JUN-22

 Tuesday evening was so much fun again, even though it was so different!

We sang at Hollandview in Aurora to a large crowd of youthful and energetic seniors, and we were a larger group too. The choir sounded great! It felt wonderful to be in a room with so many people again! We wore masks to sing but most people in the audience did not. Seeing so many beautiful faces and the way that they lit up to laugh and sing with us was delightful and heartwarming. 

Afterwards, a few of us went for a beverage and snack to Symposium, a cafe/bar on Hollandview Trail, just minutes away. It’s such a pretty and elegant place! We had a great time talking about stuff that we do when we’re not singing together. We learned quite a bit about our lovely accompanist, Donna. I look forward to spending more time with her and with all of you like that. I’m never surprised, but always amazed, at what interesting, talented, and gracious people you are. 

Next week, this coming Tuesday, the 14th, we sing at Roxborough in Newmarket. They don’t require testing, but we will prove that we’re vaccinated and fill out a screening tool/form. We have to sing with masks on. Arrive early to complete that screening. 

After our performance, we are planning to go out for some social time again. The Crow’s Nest Pub is just around the corner. These early nights are a perfect opportunity to spend more time with our choir friends.

 Crow's Nest

115 Prospect St. Newmarket 

(905) 953-8776


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