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Tuesday, October 3, 2017

YRCC Rehearsal 02OCT2017

Coffee and Treats Night!
Wow! What a sweet spread we had! Thank you to all who contributed!
This is why our bake sale is always so successful. We have talented bakers with kind hearts. You can taste the love in the treats.

6:30: Barenaked Ladies small group is sounding really good! I'd like to hear a bit more punch. It sounds too pretty.

1. O Canada was our warm-up. We will sing 2 verses on October 15th. First verse with piano and audience, second verse (pines and maples) a cappella. I'll bring the audience in at "God keep our land" to the end.

2. In Our Town in December: This is such a good song! Bill and Carol did a great job on the solos. They will sing them on October 15th as well. We fixed the ending. It was not a YRCC ending. We added another "in our town" with harmony. Wait for it and watch. Also, watch carefully for the cut-off on the word "art" we have to be clear that we're singing "art on display" so enunciate the final T.

3. Hockey Song: Blair will provide the "announcer" lines. Sophie and Kit will bring whistles. This is a fun audience favourite. We do a great job. (Except that Melody noticed that there were lines that we sing incorrectly! Never mind. For now, we'll keep singing it "our way".)

4. We Rise Again: We've got lots of time to rehearse this, but it will take some time to learn it. If you can, do some work on your own. Use the recordings on the website to learn your part. I have asked Joanne, Nicole, and Robin to look at the solo part. If you are also interested in trying it, let me know.
We started by singing the mm-ooh-aahs on pages 4-5. In this section, some Sopranos move at bar 19, S1 stays in the top of the choir bracket and sings the descant part but S2 moves to the Alto line, the melody. Altos stay put. Tenors move at bar 16 to the top of the Bass line, but jump back into the Tenor line at bar 19. Basses stay at the bottom. There are lots of places where your part might move to another line. Be sure to make notes in pencil on your music!

5. Somewhere A Child is Sleeping: We have a cellist among us! Philip brought his cello and tried out his accompaniment arrangement for this beautiful, Canadian Christmas song. It will add such a touch of class to our concert! We'll see if we can start off with just Philip and Mary-Ellen for the first verse. I learned that I have memorized this song. I gave Philip my music stand and did fine without it. Ha!

6. Go Now in Peace: We didn't need to, but we reviewed the A-men ending. You guys are amazing!

7. Song for Canada: This is another winner. You sing it beautifully, and Robin makes that flute sing!

Next week: Thanksgiving Monday, October 9th

Yes, we are rehearsing! We are at St. Andrew's for a run-through and sound check rehearsal. If you're going to be singing on the 15th, be sure to be there or to let a buddy know that you will be missing the rehearsal so we can account for you and watch out for you on the concert day. We have to plan where everyone stands and sits, and how people will move to microphones and music stands, etc.
We start at 7:30 but I'm trying to get us the space a bit earlier so that soloists can have extra time.
For the concert order, go to the event page on the website. I've also posted the order on the Seniors (and other) Performances page. Put your binder in concert order please. Add tabs/flags if necessary, as long as they are not visible to the audience.

Monday, October 16th Barenaked Group rehearses at 6:30!
(Mistletoe small group starts the following week!)

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