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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

YRCC Rehearsal 25-Sep-2017

6:30 Barenaked Small Group fist rehearsal: God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen/We Three Kings

Warm-ups were short because we had visitors and plenty of chatting (it's good to hear everyone engaged with each other-natural team building). Enid came with posters for the St. Andrew's concert and we serenaded her a bit. She also reminded us to buy tickets (see Daphne) and offered us a rehearsal time. We'll meet at St. Andrew's on Thanksgiving Monday, October 9th. So, I went off my plan a bit. No worries. We're still on track.

1. You Raise Me Up: We're singing this straight-up, as written (no solos or special instructions. Just watch for dynamics.)
2. On Eagle's Wings: Just adore this arrangement. You did a great job! We've got this.
3. Hine Ma Tov: This is coming along swimmingly. Such a positive song! Love the message and the fun. Our soloists will be Lauren (Hebrew) and Robin (English). Thank you, friends, for volunteering. I think we'll slow down slightly for those 2 verses, then pick up the pace again with the lai-lais and keep it up through to the end. Write in the English words on page 3 for the repeat (in pencil only, of course) and remember to take the second ending on page 4. There are a couple notes that are different, and the Sopranos have to fit in an extra word (repeat the C), compared to page 2.
4. Noel Nouvelet: We have some time to learn this since we're not singing it on October 15th, just December 3rd. It's so cool! I love the flute part. For your part, try to rehearse a bit at home. You can follow along with the accompaniment, and there is a perfect video to sing along with too (see below)
5. Somewhere A Child is Sleeping: When I heard that Philip plays the cello, I thought of this song. We have had Mary Ellen sing the first verse as a solo before, and I thought it would be really cool to have her accompanied by a cello. The piano accompaniment isn't perfect for a cello, but maybe Philip can think of something. The harmonies are very easy and it's really repetitive. That middle part is a bit tricky (with the ahs), but very effective. Take note: the top line is extra. It's really in 3 parts. SAB, Soprano can read the top or the second line (marked Alto). Alto is in the line marked Tenor, but it's in the treble clef and is truly an alto part. The bottom line, in the bass clef is Baritone (or Tenor/Bass).
Mark your music with pencil if this is a challenge. This is a Canadian Christmas song, perfect for our December concert.
6. Go Now in Peace: This sounded beautiful already! Hey, new folks, how did it feel? Were you able to join in? We'll review the A-men ending, but it was really good! This will be our finale song. And, after that we anticipate an encore will be needed, so we'll sing Hallelujah again.
7. Hallelujah: We don't have it in our binders yet. We were not planning to sing it, but when we talked about it being our biggest hit, our fan favourite, we had to sing it. So, we did! Without music. It was awesome.

Next week, Monday, October 2nd:

Barenaked small group at 6:30

  • Go Now in Peace
  • Song for Canada
  • Hockey Song
  • In Our Town in December
  • We Rise Again

Reminder for Monday, October 9th: We're rehearsing at St. Andrew's at 7:30.

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