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Friday, July 15, 2022

YRCC at Fairy Lake next Sunday! July 24 2:00 Concert

SO EXCITING! SUNDAY, JULY 24th 2:00-3:30 

Come around 1:30 to get set up, stay after to chat. (Visit Main Street?)

We're going to sing together and we can have an audience too. We'll be outdoors.

We sang at Fairy Lake last year too, but it was a rehearsal only because we couldn't have an audience and we had to do contact tracing. This year is more relaxed and we can invite our friends and families to come and hear us. We have an accompanist, Donna, whom we love. A bunch of us have been singing together since February 28th and it's been great but we miss everyone. 

Please come and sing with us outdoors. We're going to sing all of our old stuff that we know and love. Small groups will do new things, just a few. 

Enter the park from Water Street, and park in Lot #3 if you want to be closest. You will need to walk down a bit of a hill on the grass. Dress comfortably- any black and white outfit. Bring your red scarf in case it's cool enough to wear them. There is a washroom near the pavilion. 

You will probably want to wear a mask when you use the washroom or when you can't be 2 metres away from others, but we'll be outside and in a spacious place, so we should be comfortable to take our masks off to sing. We hope that everyone will feel comfortable for this first concert since 2019!

Here is a picture of the amphitheatre:

It's located just past the pavilion, to the left in this picture:

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