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Sunday, July 24, 2022

YRCC Concert July 24th Rained Out- Binder Collection

 The show must go on, except when it can't.

We can't have an open air concert with thunderstorms threatening, wind, heat, wet grass, wet everything. 

I'm so sad, but we knew that this was a possibility. 

The walk from the parking lot to the amphitheatre and pavilion is not paved, it's grassy and it's a slope. So, I can't ask you to slide down to sing together. The walk in from the first parking lot is far and there's still a slope and grass to cross.

 So, let's meet in the parking lot just to collect binders. 

If you have a binder and can't meet today, then please reach out to Peggy Keall about getting it to her house before September so that she can manage the music inventory and prepare our binders for the winter season. 

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