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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

YRCC Rehearsal Review 11-SEP-2017

We're back! 
This is the first rehearsal review of the 2017-2018 season!

This Fall/Winter season is different from others because we have a concert to perform on October 15th, a fundraiser for our friends at St. Andrew's in Aurora who allow us to use their church to rehearse when we cannot have our room at the Admin Centre. We're going to sing some of our past songs especially for Enid. Thank you to those of you who have already signed up for the concert on the website. If you haven't yet, log in on the website and sign up for this "event". 

To start the rehearsal, we did some of our usual warm-ups. Some are physical, to release tension and to raise awareness of the musical instrument that is our whole body, not just the mouth. Sometimes our vocal exercises are also an introduction to following the conductor and working together as a choir. 

1. Wonderful World is one of our top 10 YRCC hits. It's awesome, and it's already performance-ready. Gorgeous.
2. Song for Canada was also super. Front row tenors sing an octave down, coming in at verse 2. The rest of the tenors and basses come in on the second verse with ahs. Very cool. Altos can choose to sing down an octave with the tenors, especially on the third verse after the key change. We will have Robin on flute. She has also sung that descant line before. Should be great! 
3. On Eagle's Wings is probably Enid's favourite YRCC hit. It's a powerful version of a church hymn, full of drama and movement. The ending! If you haven't sung this with us before, please log in to our website and listen to your part and listen to this YouTube video of us.
4. You'll Never Walk Alone is my favourite YRCC hit. It's also based on a hymn and very powerful. It's got a jazzy gospel element which I love. Again, if you're new, you'll want to do some homework. Log in to the website to hear your part. Here's a link to a YouTube video.
5. Hockey Song is still in good form. It's a perfect song for Canada's 150th and winter! The audience will appreciate this rousing, up-tempo piece. 
6. I Will Always Be With You is a sweet and touching piece that is also pretty much ready to go. It will feature Robin on flute. Here we are on YouTube.

Coming up next week: Christmas already.
1. In Our Town in December
2. Noel Nouvelet
3. Hine Ma Tov
4. Song for Canada
5. I Will Always Be With You
I will hand out music for small group: God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen/We 3 Kings
Please sign up to participate in this small group song. 

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