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Sunday, November 6, 2022

YRCC Rehearsal Review 01-Nov-2022

 November?! Time is flying faster this year, since we're not stuck in our homes as much. Flying!

Halloween was Monday, so we twisted to the Purple People Eater as part of our warm-up, and we had some treats at breaktime. 

Both small groups met early and sounded excellent. 

1. Blue Skies was awesome

2. Grown-Up Christmas List was awesome. We spent time on the Coda and key change.

3. We Need a Little Christmas was awesome, and it's so fast! Watch out with your counting and remember that one bar is only 2 beats, a whole bar is "one-two". The page turn from page 7 to 8 caused us some grief but we cleaned it up. The section at 99 is chill; you're the background and Donna has the melody on the piano. Get loud over "evergreen bough" and you're already louder at the chorus. 

4. We Wish You a Merry Madrigal is going to be a theme song for Merrily Singing Together, our concert on December 4th, just a month away!

5. We sang O Holy Night.  I want to make it a sing-along, but it was so pretty, we'll see. Maybe it will be a performance piece. It's that good! I'm looking forward to hearing Donna on the piano upstairs. 

You can put aside for spring these two songs: This Little Light of Mine, I Can See Clearly Now. 

Our big focus is community singing and Holiday/Christmas singing for this concert. 

We're starting to prepare for the concert so we'll be working on polishing up all of the rest of our songs. 

Get your family and friends booked for Sunday, December 4th. The concert will start at 3:00 and will go for 90 minutes without an intermission so that we don't mingle close up with too many people. The cost will be only $20 for all; everyone gets the senior/student/early bird discount. 

The York Region Community Choir

Merrily Singing Together:

A Real Live Holiday Concert

3:00pm on Sunday, December 4th, 2022

at Trinity Anglican Church in Aurora


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