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Friday, November 25, 2022

YRCC Rehearsal Review 22-NOV-2022

 We're getting close, and we're sounding ready!

Still My Joy and David's City met early and they're great. Next week, we'll be perfect. 

Warm-ups included raspberries, sirens, and Michael Buble. 

1. We Wish You a Merry Madrigal.-with accompaniment

2. Somewhere Out There- no solo- all sopranos. 

3. New Year Blessing- first time simple and in unison and straight up, no fermatas, second time with fancy accompaniment and 3 part harmony- note that we've eliminated the tenor clef line on the second page. Bass clef divides anyway and is not too low. Watch for fancy timing second time through.

4. Thank You For the Music-changing the end of the oohs to "so I say" makes all the difference.

5. We Need a Little Christmas- cleaning up nicely

6. Hallelujah- no solos for the show, it will be a kind of sing-along

7. Why We Sing will be our encore, so plant some standing ovation starters maybe?

Next week (Nov.29) is our run-through rehearsal in the sanctuary, upstairs! We won't need our equipment because Donna can play a real piano-yay! 

Small Groups are meeting at 6:30, and please can a few people come to help set up chairs? 

7:00 we start!

We will run through the concert order (on the website, but here's a link)

Put your binders in order so that we don't spend time searching for music. 

Binders absolutely must be in order for the concert!

Sell tickets to your friends and family, please, and order your pointsettias. 

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