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Wednesday, May 25, 2022

YRCC Performance Review: 24-May-2022 (yes! performance!)

Wow! On May 24th, 2022, we performed, live, together, with a live audience!!!

The last time the YRCC performed was in December of 2019! It was a long, dark winter. 

The performance for the residents at Amica was wonderful. 

I felt euphoria, bliss and blessedness. I was giddy with joy.

The choir sounded excellent, small but mighty; the audience was excellent, big and lively. 

Donna, our pianist, was fantastic! We had silly and fun moments, and Donna fit right in, adding her own humour and embellishments with skill and charm. An experienced and kind accompanist, she was patient and nimble when we 'improvised' (intentionally and unintentionally- and no, I'm not using the royal 'we' but often it was me).

Our first time using a projector and screen to provide lyrics for sing-alongs went well. It wasn't perfect, but it was good, better than handing out the plastic things we used before. It'll get better too. 

I am so grateful to everyone who came out! We were a super team, setting up and taking down, carrying equipment around and plugging things in, managing the screening exercise, singing solos, carrying parts and leading parts, and following along flawlessly when things weren't always exactly as rehearsed. You each deserve an extra round of applause. Bravo! 

The roomful of residents at Amica were a fun bunch, and their spirited participation and exuberant applause warmed my heart. I hope you all felt how much you were appreciated. 

I'm so looking forward to next week!

Next week, we're scheduled to visit Mackenzie Place in Newmarket. I'm very hopeful that all will go as planned, but stay tuned just in case. 

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