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Friday, May 13, 2022

YRCC Rehearsal Review 10-May-2022

 Sorry, I'm a bit late this week. 

Tuesday, May 10th at ST ANDREWS in the sanctuary

Small Group: Good Morning, Starshine and Carol and Debbie duet Tomorrow 

Choir Warm-up:

Short physical warm-up (we talked about having loose knees and good control of your body so that you can keep your balance), short breathing (huh and tuh) and vocal stretch exercise (up and down) with arpeggios. At the high and low edges of your range, be sure to keep your throat open, give yourself lots of air and avoid getting small, lowering your chin, to reach low notes. 

1. This Little Light of Mine is Excellent

2. Walking on Sunshine is Excellent: continue to work on page turns. Go to the website, sign in, and listen to your part. Tabatha has uploaded parts! You’re going to love this!

3. I Can See Clearly Now is Excellent: continue to work on page turns and go to the website, sign in, and listen to your part in the recordings!

4. Sing-alongs: Screen and Projector work well. Look at the verses of Wellerman and Nova Scotia. Be prepared to sing your parts' verse, to pitch in when necessary. Maybe try to memorize the words to make it easier to fit them all into the melody.


Verse 1 is soprano, and Liz and Kit can solo or duet when they’re there, and other sopranos can support if required.  

Verse 2 is alto, and all 3 altos can do it as a group

Verse 3 is tenor/bass, and all can do it, or whoever is there

Verse 4 is soprano, and Nadine and Marlene can solo or duet, and other sopranos can support if required. 

Nova Scotia: Verse 1, soprano, Verse 2 alto, Verse 3 tenor/bass

We Talked About:

Seniors’ Visits: You don’t have to sign up; you must come or let me know you can’t. We’ll find out details or cancellations maybe close to the performance date, so please keep your eyes on your emails, and the usual places you get choir info.

Summer Concerts: We hope to book a Sunday in June and a Sunday in July at parks for outdoor concerts. We hope that some folks who have been missing this season will come out and sing with us! Spread the word with any members you know. 

Next week: Tuesday, May 17th at St. Andrews

7:00 Small Group: Good Morning, Starshine and Tomorrow 

  1. I Can See Clearly Now
  2. Blue Skies
  3. Walking on Sunshine
  4. Sing-Alongs
  5. requests

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