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Thursday, May 5, 2022

YRCC Rehearsal Review 03-May-2022

 Tuesday, May 3rd at ST ANDREWS in the sanctuary

Small Group: Carol and Debbie duet Tomorrow is so sweet!

Choir Warm-up:

Short physical warm-up, short breathing (huh and tuh) and vocal stretch exercise with arpeggios

1. Somewhere Out There (this will be our opening song, it’s so good)

2. Walking on Sunshine

We are saying walkin’ throughout. We started at page 11, and went to the end. We did it! The page turning is something to work on.  At the bottom of page 10, we have to go back to page 5 to the Segno, and then on page 7 we have to jump to page 11 for the Coda.  Maybe add a tab or sticky note on page 5 and 11? Memorize the parts right after the page turn?

3. Why We Sing 

I sang along with Blair on tenor and then with Marlene and Anna on first soprano, and it felt wonderful to sing with you all. After break, we all stood together up at the front, as if we were performing. It was awesome!!! At first, I stood in front conducting and the sound was fantastic, so much better than when we’re spread out. I feel good about performing! We will be fine even now, but I’m happy we have a couple of weeks to work on our new songs to get them polished. 

4. You’ll Never Walk Alone (OMG, so good!)

5. You Raise Me Up (Big and lush, love!)

6. On Eagles Wings (Amazing arrangement- powerful)

7. I Can See Clearly Now

We reviewed the section at 16 again. It’s tricky, but we got it. The tricky section @38 was excellent! We had to review the notes @45. Coming in on the right note was a challenge especially for alto and tenor. We’ll look at that again next week. Page turning was still a problem. See if you can do something to help- add a tab, memorize the bit right after? 

We talked about:

Seniors’ Visits: I will not be setting up Events. You don’t have to sign up, just come or let me know you can’t. I expect you all to be there unless you let me know otherwise.

Using the washrooms at St. Andrews: we need to go outside and enter at the side door on Victoria to use the washroom. We must not go through the building. There is a group using the hall that needs privacy, and there are alarms set once they’re out. 

Planning a Sunday in June and a Sunday in July to sing outdoors, free concerts for friends and family. I'm hoping that some more members will come to these performances, some people we haven't seen much or at all yet. We'll just do the stuff we know well.

Next week: Tuesday, May 10th at St. Andrews (pssst: Carol's Birthday!)

7:00 Small Group: Good Morning, Starshine and Tomorrow 

  1. Blue Skies
  2. I Can See Clearly Now
  3. This Little Light of Mine
  4. Walking on Sunshine
  5. We Rise Again
  6. Sing-along songs

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