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Wednesday, May 18, 2022

YRCC Rehearsal Review 17-May-2022

 Tuesday, May 17th at ST ANDREWS in the sanctuary

Small Group: Tomorrow Duet and Good Morning, Starshine  (Awesome!)

Choir Warm-upShort physical warm-up, short breathing (huh and tuh) and vocal stretch exercise with arpeggios

1.     Blue Skies is Excellent!

2.     Walking on Sunshine: Excellent! But, to gain more confidence, I encourage you to sing along with the parts' recordings.

3.     I Can See Clearly NowExcellent, but I encourage you to sing along with the parts' recordings. 

4.     Sing-alongs: Screen and Projector didn't work. I need to work on that! We managed somehow, though. Wellerman and Nova Scotia were good. For balance, we won't have only one person on a verse.  Be prepared to sing your parts' verse, to pitch in when necessary.

5.    Why We Sing was wonderful

6.    This Little Light of Mine was so much fun!

We Talked About:

Video of 2004 concert- same place as concert recordings- It's a big file and it has to download to your computer to play. Soraya is working on finding more choir videos to digitize. 

Seniors’ Visits:  I expect you all to be there unless you let me know otherwise, or if the seniors cancel on us. We’ll find out maybe close to the performance date, so please keep your eyes on your emails, and the usual places you get choir info.

Next Week: Tuesday, May 24th at Amica Newmarket

Go to the Calendar for the address and information.

We don't have to have rapid tests! They will give us a screening to complete when we get there. Be sure to arrive by 6:30 so we can set up and get the screenings done before we start at 7:00. 

For the order, go to the Seniors' Performance Orders page on the Members section website. There is a link to the PowerPoint of sing-alongs there too in case you want to print it for yourself  (Just a warning: it's going to be sideways. Maybe copy and paste?). Hopefully, I'll get the projector working properly. 

Here's a snip. Maybe you can read this? 

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